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Edentify, AU

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We had a very complex task in hand, creating a plugin for ElasticSearch which is in the center of our service. This was our first cooperation with ThoughtToast, and the result exceeded our expectations: it was quick, high quality and exactly what we requested. Working with subcontractors, especially remote, is always complicated and risky, but we never felt like that working with the ThoughtToast team.
We will definitely contact ThoughtToast in the future for new tasks as we continue to improve and grow our service.

​Highly Recommended!

Quick and easy! thanks for helping us through the process of enhancing our elastic search queries and debug the issues we were having, will rehire without doubt if we need help again on this area

Christian Fabbris

United Nations

AARON FORSYTH, Managing Manager

Ferris Global Advisors, LLC
In partnership with ThoughtToast, we quickly and efficiently resolved Elasticsearch issues.  We highly recommend them! Knowing ThoughtToast's expertise is available lends confidence and resolve to our efforts taking search to the next level in all our apps.
When we launched an ElasticSearch project we selected ThoughtToast to aid in rapid application development. Since our developers were new to the technology we were in search of a company who could provide training and support. 
A special thanks to ThoughtToast for their excellent developer training on these tools. Additionally, company used his year of Elasticsearch experience to come up with solutions that are real time saver. Team helps to build our application foundation but also did an excellent job of technology transfer to our developers.​


Chia Sheng Yeong, Associate Partner

Thought Toast team is responsive, respectful towards the not technically savvy, friendly, timely and accountable. I'd recommend them. I would be very happy to give them 5 stars for their work.

ThoughtToast team has been great to work with.  They have been professional, reliable, timely, and most importantly, their work exceeded our expectations.  Organisation employees technical knowledge is extensive and they always been quickly to find answers to our questions.  I would highly recommend working with the company and seeking their consultation whenever possible.

Matt Hardy, CEO & Co-Founder


IOH Home Products

ThoughtToast did an excellent job for me in every respect and solved a critical need I had for me business. Organisation provided what I needed as well as detailed documentation on the project. I am looking forward to working with them again in the future. Highly recommend.
I have been working with ThoughtToast on a fairly complex ElasticSearch project based on Microsoft SQL Azure. This is our first project with this organisation, and I have to say the work and attitude are first class: Organisation members are always available to discuss the project, always have suggestions to improve things and are flexible enough to deal with the changes we are sending. I will contact this organisation in the future for new projects as we grow our company.
Working with remote partners is sometimes stressful but ThoughtToast team did everything to make it 
easy and is clearly used to working in that kind of setup.

100% recommended!

GUILLAUME JUSTIER, Managing Director

Inmeres WebSolutions







ThoughtToast Team members are very co-operative to work with, along with great skills. I would like to keep working with the organisation in future.

Despite the short notice and the few information available Mr. Pulkit diligently worked on the assigned job.

The job was to collect and analyze syslog generated by HP ILO and Enclosure C7000. There was not much information on the web about it and log collection was not quite easy due to noncompliance of HP to RFC 5424. Despite this, the results were goods. Just some little checks and adjustments and we are able to collect syslog logs from agentless devices.
He requested the exact ELK version we were using, to install on his lab and to be as accurate as possible in his work.

A person to work with confidence and without problems.

When we first met Pulkit and his team, we were in a real jam.  We needed a huge amount of Elastic Search and Kibana work done very quickly for a huge customer meeting. Pulkit got himself up to speed on our platform and went above and beyond to do even more than we had asked for. They really saved our butts!  Since then, ThoughToast has been our go-to resource for web development and associated services. I highly recommend them!
In order to gain a greater visibility around our web and email logs file we tasked ThoughToast to come up with a way of using the ELK stack. The final solution used a dedicated AWS EC2 instance and ingest log file information from our production and development environments and allow us to monitor/visualise information in Kibana. Very useful from day to day in quickly searching through a large amount of information. ThoughToast were great to work with and quickly developed and installed a great solution for us. Totally recommend.


Sector 50, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

ThoughtToast guys are enthusiastic and great worker.
I am giving full score to them for Quality, Expertise, Cost, Schedule, Response, and Professional. I like to work with  the company again in near future.

Denise Kee, Creative Director

ElasticSearch With Ease & Expertise

We worked with Thoughttoast on an ELK deployment with a client in the cloud. The work was of high quality and delivered to budget. We are very happy with the Thoughttoast approach to the project and will be using them again in the future.
It was a pleasure working with Pulkit!
They are very professional and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.
Understood our requirement very quickly and implemented our multiple use cases using Elasticsearch: text search, log and network analysis.

Keep up the great work!


Catch App Ltd.

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ThoughtToast did excellent job for us. Completed all requirements with high standards.